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The UAE business agenda is absolutely a goldmine for online marketers, as it is a targeted account for absolute business advice via email, SMS and/ or phone. This database is so able-bodied structured and so simple to use, that it will clothing all your wants.

It will accomplish it 100x easier for you to ability out to a ample amount of companies and individuals with just one click.

A absolute account of businesses and companies in the GCC, the Dubai Business Database includes all accessible sectors, from auto and appearance to engineering and tourism.

The email business databases are of altered types:

  1. Emirates astute close database: So you can accept according to your adopted bounded location.
  2. Area astute UAE database: You can see companies alone from your aimed area in the UAE.
  3. GCC area astute database: You can see companies alone from your aimed area in the GCC.
  4. Dubai Healthcare Directory: All hospital and dispensary acquaintance advice is accumulated in this database.
  5. UAE malls: All the malls from better to aboriginal are present in this list.
  6. Allegiance astute database: based on the allegiance of the buyer of the company. You can baddest according to your allegiance so you don’t feel like a angle out of baptize in your workplace.

The advice in the databases include:

  • Names of the companies/ people
  • HR email ID’s
  • Vacancy page URL
  • Registration page URL
  • Website URL, etc

How this database will advice you:

For Candidates Searching For Jobs- it will accord you a absolute account of all the companies you want. This is time extenuative because the acquaintance advice is appropriate in foreground of you.

Businesses can use it for business of articles as able-bodied as casework and accretion clients.

Considering UAE has amidst the accomplished disposable incomes in the world, affluence articles and casework can be marketed to companies as able-bodied as individuals.

B2B (business-to-business) business is business of articles to businesses or added companies for raw abstracts to use in the assembly of goods, for added accepted purposes like absolute use, or for resale to the final consumers (wholesalers to retailers). Even casework can be marketed to added businesses.

B2B business can be done by companies in the UAE to companies in the UAE or by companies in the added locations of the apple to companies in the UAE.

B2C (business-to-consumer) business is done by companies ambidextrous anon with the end user or customer of the artefact or service.

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