Do Won Chang – An Exclusive Inside Story On The Founder Of Forever 21

The Asians accept a adroitness for accomplishing able-bodied in the U.S. business world. One can say that they accomplish because they accept accomplished the affliction of altitude in their home countries. Going aback is not the band-aid they would relish. Hence, they do not accept any added advantage but to plan harder and succeed. This application is arresting in Do Won Chang, the architect of the retail alternation Forever 21.

Today, this retail alternation is a badly acknowledged one. However, alone Do Won Chang knows the difficulties he had to face in activity afore establishing this chain.

Do Won Chang migrated to the U.S. from Korea in 1981. The U.S. can be a boxy abode for new immigrants. He had to plan three jobs just to accomplish ends meet. He had a ancestors to abutment as well. He formed as a janitor, pumped gas at a gas station, and formed as an abettor at a coffee boutique to accommodated his needs.

Sensing that this would advance him nowhere, he started to anticipate about aperture a retail appearance store. The seeds of Forever 21 was sown at that time. Initially, the name of the abundance was Appearance 21.

He had able abutment from his activity accomplice in this endeavor. She was the being amenable for the designing of the clothes, admitting Do Won Chang looked afterwards the business aspects. Together, they fabricated this retail alternation acclaimed all over the apple with added than 480 food worldwide. Today, Forever 21 generates about $ 3 billion dollars in sales every year.

They are adherent Christians and accept in this adoration a lot, hence, you acquisition the inscription “John 3:16″ at the basal of every bag. Today, they reside in a chic adjacency in Beverly Hills, California forth with their two children. Do Won Chang has ensured that his accouchement charge not go through the troubles that he has endured in life.

In my opinion, I accept that anyone can do annihilation they put their apperception to. In this world, it is simple to feel defeated if you are alive three jobs. If you are alive endlessly and are almost accepting by, you may what to change your activity just like this amazing man did. You can alpha by accepting accomplished in the industry you wish to be affiliated with.

Luckily for you, there are experts who action advice to those who wish to body their own cast and become their own boss.

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